“I’m spreading the gospel of the gramophone,” said Mr. Cumella, 52, a record-spinner of a different sort than your average scratch-and-cut beatmaster or festival-rocking hipster fresh from Berlin.

Those types may rock the party, but Mr. Cumella rocks the parlor, with a fleet of nonelectric antique phonographs that spin 78 r.p.m. records and Edison-era cylinder recordings.

This Jazz Age D.J. has built a reputation among like-minded music lovers in New York City. This particular evening was his regular monthly gig at the Campbell Apartment, a nightspot located in Grand Central Terminal.

Using two turntables — a 1906 Victor and a 1905 Columbia — and a microphone and a modest P.A. system, he spun dance tunes from 1920s jazz bands.  “I want to replicate the listening experience from 100 years ago without filtering or equalizing the sound,” he said. “It’s a completely different sonic experience to stand in front of it and feel it. It’s a physical experience.”

Proceeds from the sale of tickets goes to support the New Castle Historical Society.  The New Castle Historical Society is an historical and educational non-profit organization that focuses on the preservation and interpretation of local history through educational activities and programming. The Society strives to discover, collect, preserve, and share the history of the Town of New Castle in the context of local, regional, and national historical narratives. The Society also maintains the Horace Greeley House Museum in downtown Chappaqua. Established in 1966, the New Castle Historical Society is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016.

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