Hiroshi Yamazaki began playing classical piano at the age of seven inOsaka, Japan.As a young adult, heattended the Osaka College of Music. Itwas there where Hiroshi was introduced to jazz, the style of music that wouldquickly become his passion. At age22, Hiroshi gave his first professional jazz performance, leading a trio at thepopular S.A.B. Hall in Osaka.

Currently, Hiroshi is touring in the New York region and in Japan with Rufas Reed,Akira Tana,Tony Jefferson,Steve LaSpina,Andrew Beals.  He leads his own jazz groups and also serves as a sideman with the Glenda Davenport Quartet. Bill Crow Trio and the Jan Leder Quartet.  Aside from performing, Hiroshi is a talented arranger and is alwayswilling to work with new individuals.

In 2001, Hiroshi joined the faculty at the Music Conservatory ofWestchester. Hiroshi believesteaching is an extremely important responsibility. As a teacher, he strives to hand down the knowledge to his students thathe has gained from his experiences of playing with so many great individuals. Hiroshi would be the first to claim that music theory is indeed importantfor understanding the complex nuances of jazz.  Possessing a supreme love and ambition for the genre however, is whattruly makes the difference between an average player and a great one.

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